An Interdisciplinary Journal

1999, Volume 2, Number 3, pp.72--81

Orientational relaxation of macromolecules immobilized on a surface.
A.P. Blokhin, M.F. Gelin, and A.V. Uvarov

To investigate the influence of inertial effects on the orientational relaxation of macromolecules subjected to rigid intersubunit constraints and placed in a buffer medium, the diffusion equation with memory (DEM) is deduced from the Fokker-Planck equation (FPE) in case of arbitrary generalized coordinates (the FPE has been derived by us elsewhere [1,2]). The DEM allows us to establish a correct short time behavior for correlation functions (CFs) of generalized coordinates. The DEM is invoked to perform illustrative calculations of the orientational CFs for immobilized on a surface once broken nonrigid rod in two dimensions (2D). These calculations reveal that the CFs under certain conditions exhibit an oscillatory behavior, which is irreproducible within the standard diffusion equation (DE). Several methods are considered for the approximate solution of the DEM, and their application to three dimensional (3D) DEMs is discussed.

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