An Interdisciplinary Journal

2003, Vol.6, No.4, pp.800-813

Strong Polarized Field Evolution in Nonlinear Isotropic Medium. I. General Approach
L.I. Burov, S.G. Babichev, and I.I. Jolnerevich

The analysis of the present state of the theory of polarized field evolution in nonlinear media leads to the conclusion that the main mathematical obstacle remained is the procedure of orientational averaging. The basic spherical tensors technique is proposed and developed allowing uniform treatment of orientational averaging procedure. The proposed approach is applied for the analysis of the structure and general properties of a medium polarization vector for two particular cases (monochromatic and bichromatic fields). The formalism of nonlinear susceptibilities is found to be not a quite good for strong optical fields and the response tensor method is proposed as a more preferable one.
Key words: polarization, basic spherical tensors, Kerr approximation, strong optical field

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