An Interdisciplinary Journal

2003, Vol.6, No.4, pp.814-823

Self-generated Self-similar Traffic
P. Hága, P. Pollner, G. Simon, I. Csabai, and G. Vattay

Self-similarity in network traffic has been studied from several aspects: both at user side and at network side there are many sources of long range dependence. Recently some dynamical origins are also identified: the TCP adaptive congestion avoidance algorithm itself can produce chaotic and long range dependent throughput behavior, if the loss rate is very high. In this paper we show that there is a close connection between static and dynamic origins of self-similarity: parallel TCPs can generate the self-similarity themselves, they can introduce heavily fluctuations into background traffic and produce high effective loss rate causing a long range dependent TCP flow, however, the dropped packet ratio is low.
Key words: self-similarity, internet traffic, long-range dependence

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