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2003, Vol.6, No.4, pp.870-877

Performance of IM-DD Optical System in the Presence of Interference at Input of the Fiber
Mihajlo C. Stefanovic, Dragan Draca, Petar Spalevic, and Aleksandra Panajotovic

In this paper, the signal propagation along the fiber, in either absence or presence of the crosstalk interference appearing at input of the fiber, for both dispersive regime cases, is considered. The optical signal, which appears at transmitter output, has the envelope in super-Gaussian form. The crossltalk appears at input of the fiber. The pulse shape at the receiver input is determined using Schrödinger equation. The noise sources are the photodetector and resistance in the receiver. The bit error probability of intensity modulation and direct detection (IM-DD) system in the presence of the crosstalk, quantum and thermal noise is determined.
Key words: optical communications, Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation, crosstalk, interferometric noise, bit error probability

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