An Interdisciplinary Journal

2003, Vol.6, No.4, pp.885-893

Experimental Observation of Synchronization Between Rhythms of Cardiovascular System
A.B. Bespyatov, M.B. Bodrov, V.I. Gridnev, V.I. Ponomarenko, and M.D. Prokhorov

Synchronization between main rhythmic processes governing the cardiovascular dynamics in humans, namely, the main heart rhythm, respiration, and the process whose fundamental frequency is close to 0.1 Hz is studied under different regimes of breathing. The analysis of the experimental records reveals synchronous regimes of different orders $n:m$ between all the three main rhythms. Investigation of the model system is carried out demonstrating a good qualitative coincidence with experimentally observed results.
Key words: synchronization, time series analysis, cardiovascular system, heart rate oscillations

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