An Interdisciplinary Journal

2007, Vol.10, No.3, pp.284-290

The LEP2 Data for Bhabha Process and Model-Independent Searching for Z' Signals.
A. V. Gulov and V. V. Skalozub

The many-parameter fit of the LEP2 data on , µ+µ-, processes is performed to estimate possible signals of the Abelian Z'-boson beyond the standard model. The model-independent relations between the Z' couplings to the standard model particles allow to describe the Z' effects in lepton processes by 4 independent parameters. No signal is found by the complete LEP2 data set, and the 1.3σ signal is detected by the fit of the backward bins. The Z' couplings to the vector and axial-vector lepton currents are constrained allowing the Z' boson with the mass of order 1 TeV. The comparison with one-parameter fits is performed.
Key words: beyond standard model, lepton processes, data fiting

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