An Interdisciplinary Journal

2008, Vol.11, No.2, pp.259-264

Coexistence State on Trimolecular Reactive System with Spatial Disorder.
N. Kouvaris, A. Provata

A trimolecular, autocatalytic, reactive system is studied using the Mean Field (MF) approach and Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulations on the square lattice. The system involves two reactive species and empty sites and includes particle birth, death and reaction processes. The corresponding model is lattice compatible and at the MF level gives rise to conservative oscillations. It is shown that the amplitude and the period of oscillations depend on the system parameters, while the analytic expression of the two integrals of motion is obtained. KMC simulations, which take into account local interactions, demonstrate the evolution of the species' concentrations and the formation of clusters and patterns. For homogeneous initial conditions and depending on the reaction rates ki,i=1,2,3 the model exhibits local oscillations and for specific initial conditions coexistence of frozen and oscillatory regions is observed.
Key words: spatial disorder, lattice model, Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, reactive system, kinetics

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