An Interdisciplinary Journal

2010, Vol.13, No.2, pp.142-148

Study of Correlation Femtoscopy in ALICE.
B. V. Batyunya, A. G. Fedunov, and L. V. Malinina

Physical motivations for momentum correlation (femtoscopy) studies with identical and non-identical particles are discussed using theoretical predictions and the experimental results of RHIC. Particularly, the influence of jet production on the correlation functions is demonstrated using the generator HYDJET++. HYDJET++ is a Monte Carlo event generator for the simulation of relativistic heavy-ion collisions as the superposition of a soft hydrodynamics state and a hard multi-parton state. The good capabilities of the ALICE experiment for the femtoscopy study in pp and Pb+Pb collisions are discussed. Simulation studies of and KK systems in the ALICE detector at LHC are presented for pp and Pb+Pb collisions using realistic simulation of tracking and particle identification.
Key words: relativistic heavy-ion collisions, quark-gluon plasma, particle momentum correlations, relativistic hydrodynamics, Monte Carlo models

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