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2010, Vol.13, No.2, pp.208-214

Detailed L3 measurements of Bose-Einstein Correlations and a Region of Anti-Correlations in Hadronic Z0 Decays at LEP.
T. Csörgő, W. Metzger, T. Novák, and W. Kittel

L3 preliminary data of two-particle Bose-Einstein correlations are reported for hadronic Z0 decays in e+e- annihilation at LEP. The invariant relative momentum Q is identified as the eigenvariable of the measured correlation function. Significant anti-correlations are observed in the Bose-Einstein correlation function in a broad region of 0.5 - 1.6 GeV with a minimum at GeV. Absence of Bose-Einstein correlations is demonstrated in the region above GeV. The effective source size is found to decrease with increasing value of the transverse mass of the pair, similarly to hadron-hadron and heavy ion reactions. These features and our data are described well by the non-thermal -model, which is based on strong space-time momentum-correlations.
Key words: femtoscopic correlations, Bose-Einstein correlations, single particle spectra, source function reconstruction, e+e- annihilation, hadronic Z0 decays

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