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2011, Vol.14, No.2, pp.138-148

Reactivity Measurements in the Subcritical Booster Assembly Yalina Driven by Neutron Generator.
H. Kiyavitskaya, V. Bournos, S. Mazanik, , Yu. Fokov, Ch. Routkovskaya, S. Sadovich

Accelerator Driven Systems (ADS) are considered as promising systems to produce energy and to decrease the volumes and radiotoxicity of long-lived fission products (137Cs, 90Sr, 129I, 126Sn... ) and minor actinides (Np, Pu, Am, Cu) originating from nuclear fuel cycle. One of the main problems to be solved for ensuring safe operation of ADS is on-line monitoring of subcriticality level. In this paper a short description of the research facility YALINA is presented. The results of experimental and theoretical study of subcriticality level at YALINA-Booster assembly with highly enriched uranium fuel performed in the frame of ISTC Projects B1341 and B1732 are briefly discussed.
Key words: Accelerator Driven Systems, subcritical assembly, neutron generator, neutronics, subcriticality level measurements, reciprocal counting method, pulse neutron source method

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