An Interdisciplinary Journal

2012, Vol.15, No.2, pp.105-120

Synthesis of Diamond Materials and Diamond-Like Coatings: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamic Analysis.
P. A. Vityaz, M. L. Kheifez, and V. T. Senyu

Development of principles of physical and chemical analysis allowed to study self-organization of phase transformations in a multistructural system. Analysis of a carbon state in nanostructured materials and coatings has been carried out on the base of the models proposed. The possibility to realize different mechanisms for synthesis of carbon nanostructured materials in non-equilibrium conditions has been considered. It was shown that study of non-equilibrium processes when synthesizing diamond and diamond-like superhard materials and coatings allows to determine the probability of phase and structural transformations as well as mechanisms of their realization.

Key words: nanostructure, diamond-like material, self-organization, phase transformation

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