An Interdisciplinary Journal

2012, Vol.15, No.2, pp.155-162

The Electron Beam Instability in a One-Dimensional Cylindrical Photonic Crystal.
V. G. Baryshevsky and E. A. Gurnevich

The radiative instability of the relativistic electron beam in a periodic dielectric-filled cylindrical waveguide is considered. The dependence of the beam instability increment on the radiated wave frequency near the region of dispersion equation roots degeneracy is studied. It is shown that sharp change in the instability of the beam under the conditions of two-wave diffraction in Compton generation regime, making the increment proportional to the fourth root from the beam density in contrast to conventional law , brings radiation generation (amplification) in the considered system to be essentially improved in comparison with conventional devices (BWO, TWT, FEL etc). Numerical calculations of the instability increment for various parameters of the system are performed.

Key words: photonic crystal, electron beam instability, two-wave difraction

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