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November 6, 2011 we celebrated 65 anniversary of the prominent Belarusian scientist, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, professor, former Director General of the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny of NAS of Belarus, Co-Editor in Chief of the NPCS Journal Viacheslav Ivanovich Kuvshinov.

He was born in 1946 in the city of Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. In 1963 he started to study at the Physics Department of the Belarusian State University (BSU) in Minsk. While studying in the university, he was specialized in theoretical physics, and after graduating the BSU, he became a postgraduate student of the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Since 1971 he worked at the Institute of Physics, where he prepared his PhD theses and full professorship habilitation theses.

In 1975-1987 he worked as a scientific secretary of the Department of Physical-athematical Sciences of the BSSR Academy of Science. In 1998 he headed the laboratory of strong interactions orznizedg in the Institute of Physics.

V.I. Kuvshinov is a known scientist having extensive experience in scientific and organizational work. Since 2004. and up to November 2011, he headed the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny, National Academy of Sciences. In a relatively short period, he stabilized the work of the Institution, created a favorable work environment, updated themes of researches in favour of fundamental science and practical needs of the economy of the Belarus.

V.I. Kuvshinov is scientific leader of the state program "Scientific support of nuclear power in the Republic of Belarus for the year 2009-2010 and up to the period 2020" and the state research program "Nuclear energy, nuclear and radiation technologies", a member of the Interdepartmental Committee on Atomic Energy.

V.I. Kuvshinov is a representative of the well-known school of Academician F.I. Fedorov, a renowned scientist in the field of strong interaction physics, nuclear physics, nonlinear dynamics of complex systems.

V.I. Kuvshinov and his collaborators developed a fundamental theory of nonperturbative fluctuations of gluon fields in hadrons and nuclei and their squeezed and entangled states, developed software for Monte Carlo simulation, formulated some proposals for experimental search of these phenomena on accelerators DESY (Germany), CERN (Switzerland) and FNAL (USA). V.I. Kuvshinov together with the colleges proposed a generalization of the Ginzburg - Landau theory of phase transitions, were the first who described by the correlation properties of the new state of matter - the quark-gluon plasma, and predicted a new phenomenon - the temperature hysteresis. The developed methods for investigation of phase transitions are of general nature and also applicable in the theory of high temperature superconductors.

V.I. Kuvshinov is the author of more than 350 scientific publications.Under his leadership, there were defended eight Ph.D theses and one full professorship habilitation theses.

Over the years, V.I. Kuvshinov delivers lectures at Physics Department of the Belarusian State University, works with undergraduate and post-graduate students, supervises talented school children, winners of Olympiads in physics and mathematics.

V.I. Kuvshinov repeatedly collaborated at the European Center for Nuclear Research (Switzerland) and worked there as a visiting researcher. He is a member of the international CMS Collaboration at accelerator LHC (CERN), the Coordination Council for Cooperation with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia).

The scientific achievements of V.I. Kuvshinov are widely recognized. In 2004 he was awarded the Prize of NAS after the name of academician F.I. Fedorov for his research work "Methods of F.I. Fedorov: development and application in the field theory and particle physics." In 2006, V.I. Kuvshinov was awarded with joint award of the Academies of Sciences of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova for outstanding results obtained in carrying out joint research "The study of collective effects in the interaction of particles and their usage in quantum computers, high-temperature superconductivity, theory of diffraction, electronic devices with controlled nanoscale quantum tunneling and in quark-gluon plasma".

We cordially congratulate Viacheslav Ivanovich Kuvshinov with this anniversary and wishes him good health and further successes in science.

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