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Volume 17, Number 3, 2014;    Open Access Issue
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JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUE "Cybersecurity of Complex Systems"

Modern Problems of Cybersecurity  pp.210-214 open access paper
Y. S. Vasiliev, P. D. Zegzhda, V. I. Kuvshinov

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (240KB)  

Strengthening Differential and Linear Attacks using Virtual Isomorphisms  pp.215-230 open access paper
A. G. Rostovtsev and A. F. Suprun

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (162KB)  

Using Principles of Fractal Image Compression for Complexity Estimation of the Face Recognition Problem  pp.231-241 open access paper
D. A. Moskvin and V. V. Gluhov

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (345KB)  

On Boolean Ideals and Varieties with Application to Algebraic Attacks   pp.242-252 open access paper
A. G. Rostovtsev and A. A. Mizyukin

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (139KB)  

Formal Security Model for Virtual Machine Hypervisors in Cloud Computing Systems   pp.253-262 open access paper
D. P. Zegzhda and A. V. Nikolsky

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (360KB)  

Reflexive Control over Intruder Using Deception Systems   pp.263-271 open access paper
D. S. Lavrova, E. Y. Pavlenko, and A. I. Pechenkin

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (760KB)  

Formalization of Objectives of Grid Systems Resources Protection against Unauthorized Access   pp.272-277 open access paper
M. O. Kalinin and A. S. Konoplev

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (306KB)  

Analysis of Hidden Field Equations Cryptosystem over Odd-Characteristic Fields   pp.278-283 open access paper
N. G. Kuzmina and E. B. Makhovenko

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (380KB)  

Dimension Reduction in Network Attacks Detection Systems   pp.284-289 open access paper
V. V. Platonov and P. O. Semenov

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (167KB)  

Efficiency Estimation of the Protection Software for Neutralization and Elimination of Botnets   pp.290-295 open access paper
D. P. Zegzhda and T. V. Stepanova

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (327KB)  

Approach to Assessment of Measures Sufficiency of Confidential Information Protection   pp.296-300 open access paper
A. F. Suprun

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (314KB)  

A Finite-State Model of Botnetsí Desinfection and Removal   pp.301-305 open access paper
D. P. Zegzhda and T. V. Stepanova

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (129KB)  


Three Levels of Difficulty in Quantitative Analyzing the Results of Real Measuring Regression Experiments   pp.306-317 open access paper
Yurii V. Chebrakov

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (470KB)  

Illustrations of Irreducibility and Tops of Umbrellas in the PostScript Methodology   pp.318-326 open access paper
Ivan A. Kovalew and Dmitry W. Serow

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (1192KB)  

Mathematical Models of Complex Systems on the Basis of Artificial Neural Networks   pp.327-335 open access paper
A. N. Vasilyev and D. A. Tarkhov

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (129KB)  

Some Extremal Properties of the Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations Systems   pp.336-339 open access paper
M. R.Petrichenko and D. W. Serow

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF  (101KB)  

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