An Interdisciplinary Journal

2015, Vol.18, No.3, pp.326-334

Confined and Chaotic Behaviour of Quantum Colour Particles in QCD Vacuum
V. I. Kuvshinov and E. G. Bagashov

Confinement of spinless heavy quarks in stochastic QCD vacuum can be treated as decoherence. In this process an arbitrary colour superposition turns into a mixture quantum state with equal probabilities for different colours. Decoherence rate is found to be proportional to the product of the distance between colour charges and the time during which this interaction has taken place. In this work it is shown that for colour superposition, two- and three-particle colour states the interaction with stochastic vacuum results in the confining effect. For all of the considered states the purity, fidelity and von Neumann entropy are evaluated.

Key words: QCD vacuum, confinement, decoherence, quantum chaos, environmen

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