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2016, Vol.19, No.4, pp.345-357

Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Scintillation Light in LYSO Electromagnetic Calorimeter for Non-Paraxial Electromagnetic Showers
V. Kalinnikov, E. Velicheva, Z. Tsamalaidze, A. Lobko, O. Missevitch, and Y. Kuno

The problems of scintillation light collection depending on position of a particle track along the crystal cell length in a segmented homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeter were investigated. The method for improving the uniformity of the light collection of scintillation photons through the use of optimal-type reflective materials and dedicated crystal wrapping technique concerning high density scintillator was developed. Angular distribution of the deposited energy in the segmented calorimeter was measured. Method of spatial reconstruction of electromagnetic shower and relevant energy correction reducing the error of energy measurement in the calorimeter during data handling was developed.

Key words: segmented homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeter, scintillator, non-paraxial electromagnetic showers, light yield, reflective wrapping materials

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