An Interdisciplinary Journal

2017, Vol.20, No.2, pp.194-198

Nanoparticle Motion in an Ideal Liquid under the Action of Light Pressure in the Field of a Standing Light Wave
A.A. Afanas’ev, D.V. Novitsky, and A.N. Rubinov

We have solved the problem of transparent nanoparticle motion under the action of a gradient component of light pressure force in a field of periodically modulated intensity of continuous laser radiation. For different initial values of particle coordinate and speed, we have found and numerically analyzed the exact solutions of the equation of motion described by the elliptic integrals of the first kind. The simple approximate expressions for the nanoparticle trajectory are obtained as a result of series expansion of the integrand in elliptic integrals. It is shown that depending on initial conditions, two different regimes are possible – harmonic motion and translatory motion with nanoparticle localization in one of the maxima of radiation interference pattern.

Key words: light pressure, gradient forces, transparent nanoparticle, elliptic integral

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