An Interdisciplinary Journal

2017, Vol.20, No.3, pp. 238 - 248

Field-theoretical Model of Helical Turbulence
M. Hnatic and P. Zalom

Application of the field theoretic renormalization group techniques as developed within high energy physics is demonstrated on a problem from the classical Newtonian physics. As an example, we consider the general A model of the passive vector advected by the fully developed turbulent velocity field with violation of spatial parity introduced via a continuous parameter ρ. We explicitly demonstrate that the presence of helicity exerts a stabilizing effect onto the possible stationary regimes of the system. Applying the RG techniques, we show that interaction parameter A exerts strong influence on advection diffusion processes in turbulent environments with broken spatial parity and identify internal structure of interactions given by the parameter A, and not the vector character of the admixture itself being the dominant factor influencing diffusion advection processes in the helical A model

Key words: running coupling, stochastic dynamics

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