An Interdisciplinary Journal

2020, Vol.23, No.3, pp.327 - 331

Surface Plasmon-Polaritons at the Interface of Magnetoelectric Hyperbolic Metamaterial
S. Kurilkina, V. Belyi, and N. Kazak

In this paper, we investigated the features of plasmon-polaritons excited at the interface of a magnetoelectric hyperbolic metamaterial and a dielectric for the case when the optical axis is arbitrary oriented under the normal to the boundary. Expressions are obtained for the complex electric and magnetic vectors as well as for the decay constants of the fields on both sides of the interface. The possibility is shown and the conditions are determined for localization of plasmon-polariton at the boundary of metamaterial of different types. It is shown that the wave vector of plasmon-polariton has the component oriented perpendicular to the boundary. It is established that for metamaterials of different types changing the orientation of the optical axis one can realize the conditions when the phase velocity of plasmon-polariton is directed from the boundary inside a metamaterial or a dielectric.

Key words: metamaterial, nanostructure, dielectric permittivity, plasmon-polaritons


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