An Interdisciplinary Journal

2021, Vol.24, No.2, pp.112 - 132

E-Health System Based on Telemedicine Platform and GRID Layer Model

Tuyet Dao Van, M. Ablameyko, S. Ablameyko, Huy Ngo Hoang, Dzung Pham Thi Kim, Quy Hoang Van, and Huy Tran Van

The paper describes e-Health system based on telemedicine platform and GRID layer model. We identify the currently isolated hospital subsystems that should be integrated. Telemedicine platform was proposed that was designed to enable secure management and analysis of patient data and DICOM images in a grid environment. The platform provides doctors the capacity to upload and query medical information stored over distributed servers. It was built also for sharing data between remote hospitals to help doctors in diagnosis. We propose the software components and Grid infrastructure for implementation of the Telemedicine platform and show some results of our implementation in the hospitals.

Key words: e-Health system, telemedicine platform, medical data management, medical image processing, diagnosis, Web services, GridSphere, Grid computing, node Grid


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