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Volume 24, Number 4, 2021
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Integrability of One Bilinear Equation: Singularity Analysis and Dimension   pp. 311 - 316
S. Sakovich

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Bremsstrahlung Calculations of Single Gauge-Boson Production on Linear Colliders in Context of "New Physics" Searching   pp. 317 - 325
I. A. Shershan and T. V. Shishkina

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Effective color charge at A0 background   pp. 326 - 328
V. Skalozub

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Primary Ionization Density Produced by Charged Fragments in the Working Volume of the Fission Chambers   pp. 329 - 337
A. A. Khrushchinsky, S. A. Kuten, Thi Dieu Hien Le, and L. F. Babichev

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Using multifractal analysis to study structures and properties of structural materials   pp. 338 - 347
M. L. Kheifetz, V. T. Senyut, A. G. Kolmakov, A. A. Zverev, B. M. Bazrov, S. A. Klimenko, and M. Yu. Kopeikina

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Influence of structural, electronic and spin properties of ND[NV] – surface group conjugates on the formation of their biological activity: quantum chemical simulations   pp. 348 - 355
A. L. Pushkarchuk, S. A. Kuten, S. Ya. Kilin, A. P. Nizovtsev, V. A. Pushkarchuk, D.L. Michels , D. Lyakhov, F. Jelezko

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Turbulent Dispersion Simulation of Radioactive Aerosol Applied to the Infrastructure of the NPP-2006 Industrial Site   pp. 356 - 364
V. I. Orlovskaya and A. G. Trifonov

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PMMA – C60 composite: thermal decomposition experiments in mass-spectrometer and quantum chemical modeling   pp. 365 - 369
A. O. Pozdnyakov, A. L. Pushkarchuky, S. A. Kuten, and L. F. Babichev

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Inter-event times statistics in stationary processes: non linear ARMA modeling of wind speed time series   pp. 370 - 381
C. Cammaroto

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Comparison Between Different Growth Functions of the Jatropha Curcas Plant with Random Attack Pattern of Whitefly   pp. 382 - 390
R. Das and A. K. Sarkar

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Structure of the plane waves for a spin 3/2 particle   pp. 391 - 408
A. V. Ivashkevich

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Stochastic Generalization of the Epidemiological SIR Model   pp. 409 - 414
V. Obolonkin and A. Zherelo

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