An Interdisciplinary Journal

2022, Vol.25, No., pp.1 - 12

How Nonlinear Science Leads to Continuous Innovation in an Academic and Productive High-Tech Community

Luigi Fortuna, Matteo Lo Presti, Mario Lavorgna, and Gianguido Rizzotto

In this contribution, the fundamental importance that Nonlinear Science gave and is giving to a community of researchers from both university and private companies in terms of innovation and advanced knowledge will be explained. In the literature it is not often discussed the development and the history of researcher groups and the decisive role that some events positively address the scientific community and the development of the territory. Today, after more decades, the authors remark the impact that Nonlinear Science had on their community, leading to a continuous innovation process in academic research groups and in high technology companies. The genesis of this process is reported and detailed in the paper.

Key words: innovation, nonlinear science, cellular nonlinear networks, ebatronics


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