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Volume 25, Number 2, 2022
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Generalized Helicity Operator for a Spin 2 Particle in the Presence of an External Uniform Magnetic Field   pp. 104 - 121
A. V. Ivashkevich, A. V. Buryy, E. M. Ovsiyuk, A. S. Chichurin, and V. M. Red'kov

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Generalized Uncertainty Principle with Maximal Momentum: QFT, Quantum Black Holes, and Some Cosmological Implications   pp. 122 - 135
Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

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The Doublet of Dirac Particles in a Non-Abelian Monopole Field: Pauli Approximation   pp. 136 - 158
E. M. Ovsiyuk, N. G. Krylova, V. Balan, and V. M. Red'kov

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Development of a Machine Vision System for Image Recognition of Design Estimates   pp. 159 - 167
O. M. Demidenko and N. A. Aksionova

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Simulation Techniques for Vacuum Electronic Devices   pp. 168 - 176
S. N. Sytova

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Low Enrichment Nuclear Fuel Based on Uranium-Zirconium Carbonitride: Reactor Tests and Preparation for Studies at Critical Assemblies   pp. 177 - 188
S. N. Sikorin, A. V. Kuzmin, S. G. Mandzik, S. A. Polazau, T. K. Hryharovich, Sh. T. Tukhvatulin, I. E. Galev, A. N. Bakhin, V. Yu. Vishnevsky, A. A. Mokrushin and A. L. Izhutov

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Assessment of Radioactive Aerosol Wet Precipitation at the NPP Industrial Site   pp. 189 - 196
V. I. Orlovskaya and A. G. Trifonov

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On the Question of Hunting Optimization   pp. 197 - 202
S. A. Kashchenko, S.P. Plyshevskaya, and A. O. Tolbey

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A Nonrelativistic Approximation for Energy Spectrum of a Vector Particle with Anomalous Magnetic Moment in the Coulomb Field   pp. 203 - 206
V. V. Kudryashov

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