An Interdisciplinary Journal

2023, Vol.26, No.1, pp.1 - 18

Isomers of Fullerenes from C50 to C56

A. I. Melker, A. N. Matvienko, and M. A. Krupina

We have designed possible structures of isomers of midi-fullerenes from C50 to C56. The fullerenes studied refer to three-, four-, five-, six-fold and tetrahedral symmetry. At that they can be divided into two classes, perfect (basic) having ordinary symmetry of one of these types and intermediate having the same but topological symmetry. We have used three the most natural mechanisms of their formation, namely, fusion of carbon cupolas having the same symmetry; fusion of fullerenes having compatible symmetry and embedding carbon dimers into the hexagons with a specific surrounding of initial fullerenes. The energies of the fullerenes calculated through the use of molecular mechanics are presented together with their graphs. Their energy is possible to justify on the basis of the periodic system of basic perfect fullerenes.

Key words: atomic isomer, dimer embedding, fullerene, fusion reaction, graph representation, growth, periodic system, self-organization, symmetry, topology


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