An Interdisciplinary Journal

2023, Vol.26, No.1, pp.77 - 82

Electromagnetic Radiation and Electromagnetic Self-Force of a Point Charge in the Vicinity of the Schwarzschild Black Hole

S. O. Komarov, A. K. Gorbatsievich, A. S. Garkun, and G. V. Vereshchagin

A point charge, radially moving in the vicinity of a black hole is considered. Electromagnetic field in a wave zone and in the small neighbourhood of the charge is calculated. Numerical results of the calculation of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation of the point charge are presented. Covariant approach for the calculation of the electromagnetic self-force is used for the case of the slowly moving charge. Numerical results for the self-force in the case of the slow motion of a particle are obtained and compared to the results in literature.

Key words: photonic topological insulator, cellular automata, Wolfram codes, Zhegalkin operator electrodynamics in curves space-time, motion in external gravitational field


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