An Interdisciplinary Journal

2023, Vol.26, No.1, pp.98 - 105

On Applications of TiO2 Quantum Dots to Solution of Optogenetics Problems

O. Khasanov, R. Rusetsky, O. Fedotova, D. Klezovich, A. Pashkevich, K. Pistsova, Ya. Gorbach, and D. Zharkov

Features of echo signals in titanium dioxide quantum dots (QD) excited by two femtosecond noncollinear laser pulses are under consideration. It is shown that in addition to well-known primary photon echo, under appropriate phase-matching conditions at resonant frequency, echo responses at multiple frequencies due to the large permanent dipole moment are generated but at different phase-matching conditions. This provides high degree of excitation and characterization of investigated objects at necessary frequency. In other words, we predict parametric generation of echo signals at upconversion frequencies by the IR laser pulses in the TiO2 QDs. Accounting for nontoxicity of these QDs for living cells we suppose that such particles can ensure the delivery of light of necessary spectral content to local areas of the human body. All this will pave the way for the use of up-conversion echoes in TiO2 QDs for optogenetics.

Key words: quantum dot, titanium dioxide, permanent dipole moment, optical resonance, multilevel system, photon echo, delivery of light, optogenetics


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