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Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to the publication of original research articles, letter communications, invited review articles, news at the interface between mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, engineering, material, social and economical sciences devoted to increasing the understanding of nonlinear phenomena in complex systems. Articles should conform to high standards of scientific merit and should either stimulate or summarize research in this growing area of scientific activity. The official language of the journal is English. Authors are encouraged to write in a simple, direct style to facilitate of use of the journal by a broad international community of readers. All contributions will be refereed.

Manuscript should be submitted in a electronic form, based on source prepared in TeX word processing systems. All components of manuscript should be in a form suitable for electronic publication. The figures must be presented in PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript format (file extensions *.ps *.eps). Preferable TeX macro-package is LaTeX, please use the REVTeX4 package available at

and prepare bibliography using BibTeX utility. The manuscript size, including figures and tables, should not exceed normally 20-25 pages (papers and mini-reviews) or 4 pages (Letters). Manuscript should be submitted by sending its electronic version (in compressed form, using commonly known archive programs like ARJ, ZIP, ZGIP etc) to Editor-in-Chief on the address

Prof. A.L. Tolstik

Physics Department
Belarusian State University
4 Nezaleznasti ave.
220030 Minsk BELARUS
E-mail: E-mail (Journal):

The title of the paper should describe the contents. All abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used. The experimental section should be precise, and give all details necessary for repeating the work. To enable prompt publication, the full postal address should be given for author who will be responsible for communications, along with E-mail, telephone and FAX numbers where possible.

The name and full address of the author should be typed at the top of the first page. Denote with an asterisk (*) the author to whom inquiries regarding the work and reprint requests should be directed.

Since 2013 the Journal supports the "Open Access Initiative" for paper submission.

Open Access Option for Authors

Authors have the option to publish their papers under the Open Access Initiative; whereby, for a charge, their paper will be made freely available online immediately upon publication. After the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will be required to accept a mandatory licence to publish agreement. As a part of the licensing process the author will be asked to indicate whether or not (s)he wishes to pay for open access. With the open access option, given paper will be published with standard subscription-based access and the author(s) will not be charged. Open Access articles are published under Creative Commons licences, see also licence explanation for end-user. "Open Access Paper Processing Fee" is established in amount of $550 per paper.

Frequency: Quarterly journal; 4 issues per volume.

ISSN 1561-4085 (Print), ISSN 1817-2458 (Online)

Page Charges: There are no page charges to individuals or to institutions.

Reprints: Since 2012 pdf-file is sent to the first-named author of the corresponding paper free of charge.

Figures, Tables, Sections, Schemes:
When referring to a figure, table or other element within an article, always call the element by its full name: " See Table 1", "Figure 1 illustrates", "Refer to Scheme 1". The price-per-page-with-color is 200 dollars USA. All figures must include descriptive captions.

Abstract: On the first manuscript page, following the title and author by-line (name, title, organization, city, state, country), please include a 100 to 150 word abstract that explains why the results are useful and why the work is of interest to the scientific community.

PACS and Key Words: On a line below the abstract please include the PACS (physical subject classification) or the 2000 MSC (mathematical subject classification) for the papers, and key words relating to the main topics of the paper for indexing and database word searches.

References: All sources cited in the text must be included in the reference list. Please number the references consecutively and include (in the following order ) author name(s). title. journal (or book (in italic) and publisher). volume (bold font), issue number, page numbers (and year of publication). Please use the natural ordering, putting initials before names. References should be cited in the text by a number in square brackets.

Footnotes: Authors are encouraged to minimize the use of footnotes.

Original Work/Copyright: : Submission of a paper to this journal implies it represents original work not previously published, that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and that, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without consent of editor and publisher. It is a condition of acceptance that publisher acquires automatically copyright of manuscript throughout the world.

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