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Volume 1, Number 1-4, 1998    Open Access Issue
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Topics in Quantum Chaos in Generic Systems. pp.1-22
M. Robnik

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Synchronization of Hyperchaos. pp.23-27
A. Cenys, A. Tamaseviius, A. Namajñas, G. Mykolaitis

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Quasichemical Approximation for Consolidation Site Transformation of Lattice Gas System. pp.28-32
G.S. Bokun, V.S. Vikhrenko, V.A. Zhuk, V.A. Tsurko

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Brusselator Model on SO(3) Group: Theory and Applications to Orientationally Sensitive Reactions. pp.33-44
V.A. Gaisyonok, G.G.Krylov

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Jet Dynamics in Brusselator System. pp.45-54
H.V. Grushevskaja, A.T. Vlassov

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Localized Spatio-Temporal Structures in Bistable Nonlinear Optical Systems. pp.55-61
N.N. Rosanov

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Undirectional Anisotropic Ring Cavity Laser's Polarization States. pp.62-67
S.V. Sergeyev, L.V. Kondratieva

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Optimal Chaos Control in a Modulated Class-b Laser with Delayed Impulsive Feedback. pp.68-75
A.V. Naumenko, N.A. Loiko, S.I.Turovets

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Drift-Assisted Diffusion-Limited Aggregation in Two and Three Dimensions. pp.76-79
V.S. Gurin, V.P. Poroshkov

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Fractal Dynamics of the Long-Range Correlations in Short-Time Human Memory. pp.80-91
R.M. Yulmetyev, M.Ya. Kleiner.

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Structure of Superconducting Phase in Quasi-One-Dimensional High-Temperature Superconductors. pp.92-95
L. Babichev

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Parametric Interaction of Dynamical Systems with Inputs.  pp.96-104
A.T. Vlassov

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Some Fitzhugh-Like Neuronal Models. pp.105-108
A.D. Linkevich

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Statistical Theory of the Elastic Properties of DNA Molecules. pp.109-113
V.B. Nemtsov

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Nonperturbative Effects of Quantum Chromodynamics. pp.114-121
L. Babichev, D. Klenitsky, V. Kuvshmov, V. Shaporov, R. Shulyakovsky, N. Sinitsyn

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