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Volume 2, Number 1, 1999    Open Access Issue
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Large Fluctuations and Irreversibility in nonequilibrium Systems. pp.1-7
M.I. Dykman, V.N. Smelyanskiy, D.G. Luchinsky, R. Mannella, McClintock and N.D. Stein

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Correlation Moments Behaviour as a New Signal of QCD Vacuum Structure. pp.8-13
V. Kuvshinov, R. Shulyakovsky

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Surface Properties of Liquid Crystals. pp.14-17
V.V. Belov, A.V. Kondratenko, V.B. Nemtsov

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Abnormal Character of the Diffusivity-Mobility Ratio in Doping Superlattices. pp.18-23
D.V. Ushakov and V.K. Kononenko

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Thinking, Language, Self, and Attractors: Cognitive Studies and Synergetic Paradigm. pp.24-40
Alexander D. Linkevich

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The Production of Human Capital. A Dynamic Approach. pp.41-49
S.I. Maximov

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Different Types of Bistability Upon Multiwave Mixing in a Nonlinear Interferometer. pp.50-55
S.M. Karpuk, O.G. Romanov, A.L. Tolstik

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Complex Regular and Chaotic Regimes in a Laser With a Saturable Absorber. pp.56-59
L.A. Kotomtseva, S.G. Rusov

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On the Parametric Differentiability of the Optimal Solutions in Nonlinear Programming. pp.60-63
L.I. Minchenko, T.V. Satsura

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Characterization of the Incoming Asymptotes in the Restricted Three-Body Problem. pp.64-67
L. Benet and T.H. Seligman

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Wavelet Analysis in Studying the Dynamics of Blood Circulation. pp.68-77
M. Bracic and A. Stefanovska

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Global Stability of Systems Related to the Navier-Stokes Equations. pp.78-82
Alexander Rauh

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Light Polarization Symmetry Breaking in an Anisotropic Dye Laser with a Saturable Absorber for Orthogonal Dipole Moments with Emission and Absorption. pp.83-90
S.V.Sergeyev, I.V.Brezgunova

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Multiplicative Elements and Deformations. pp.91-99
A.T. Vlassov

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Molecular Transport in Complex System. pp.100-103
E.A. Nikiforov, R.M. Yulmetyev

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