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Volume 2, Number 2, 1999
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The Effect of Scars on the Statistics of Transition Probabilities of Classically Chaotic Quantum Systems. pp.1--5
Srinivas Jammalamadaka, Jörg Main, Günter Wunner

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Amplified Luminescence as a Source of Nonlinearity in Laser Diodes. pp.6--10
V.P. Gribkovskii, S.V. Voitikov, M.I. Kramar, G.I. Ryabtsev, and R. Kragler

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Chaos in Near-Hamiltonian Systems with Singular Perturbation: Applications to Oscillatory Model of Hodgkin--Huxley Neuron. pp.11--24
H.V. Grushevskaya

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Global Attractors, Attracting Regions and Regions of Visiting for Dynamical Systems. pp.25--30
A.V. Kartynnick, A.D. Linkevich

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On the Green Function for the Restricted Rotational Diffusion Model. pp.31--34
V.A. Gaisyonok, G.G. Krylov

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Remarks on Perturbation Theory for Hamiltonian Systems. pp.35--43
Alexander Rauh

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Wave Dynamical Chaos in Superconducting Microwave Billiards. pp.44--48
H. Rehfeld and H. Alt, C. Dembowski, H.-D. Gräf, R. Hofferbert, H. Lengeler, A. Richter

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WKB Corrections to the Energy Splitting in Double Well Potentials. pp.49--62
Marko Robnik, Luca Salasnich and Marko Vranicar

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Non-Integrability and Infinite Branching of Solutions of 2DOF Hamiltonian Systems in Complex Plane of Time.  pp.63--71
Vassilios M. Rothos and Tassos C. Bountis

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Model Synthesis of the Coupled Oscillators Which Regulate Human Blood Flow Dynamics. pp.72--87
Aneta Stefanovska, Saso Strle, Maja Bracic and Hermann Haken

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Many-body Correlations in Equilibrium Lattice Systems. pp.88--92
V.V. Belov, G.S. Bokun, V.S. Vikhrenko

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First Experimental Observation of Memory Effects in Biological Complex System by NMR Method. pp.93--95
E.A. Nikiforov and R.M. Yulmetyev

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Lissajous Solutions of the Satellite Oscillation Equation: Stability and Bifurcations via Higher Order Averaging.  pp.96--101
Sergey Sadov

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Discretized Schrödinger Eigenfunctions and q-Hypergeometric Series on Deforming Geometric Progressions. pp.102--116
Andreas Ruffing

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