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2000, Volume 3, Number 3, pp.293--298

Pomeron as a Color-Ball, the Complex System of Gluons or Chroms.
Hidezumi Terazawa

Various pictures of glueballs in a generic sense, the hadrons consisting of gluons only, are reviewed and discussed in some detail in the light of their relevance to hadron-hadron, photon (gauge-boson)-hadron, and (hadronic) photon (gauge-boson)-photon (gauge-boson) scattering at high energies. In particular, it is proposed that the Pomeron is a "color-ball", the color-singlet complex object consisting of an arbi-trary number of gluons, which can be approximately described in QCD either by the extended Nambu-Goto action or by the extended Polyakov action for the hadronic membrane or for the hadronic bundle.
Key words: QCD, glueballs, hadronic membrane, hadronic bundle, Polyakov action, Nambu-Goto action.

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