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Volume 3, Number 3, 2000    Open Access Issue
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On WKB Series for the Radial Kepler Problem. pp.214--219
Valery Romanovski and Marko Robnik

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Vacancy Mediated Spinodal Decomposition of a Two-component Droplet: Pattern Formation at Surfaces. pp.220--225
Jean-Françcois Gouyet and Mathis Plapp

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Schrödinger Nonlinear Equations on a Phase Space with a Nonflat Metrics. pp.226--230
E.I. Bogdanov

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Characterization of the Topological Structure and Stability for a Vector Map Derived from a Delay Differential Equation. pp.231--241
Victor F. Dailyudenko

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Around Lotka-Volterra Kind Equations and Nearby Problems. pp.242--246
V.M. Dubovik, A. G. Galperin, V. S. Richvitsky

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Connectance and Stability. Application to Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Increasing Number of Degrees of Freedom. pp.247--252
Claude Froeschlé , Elena Lega, and Elke Lohinger

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Neural Systems, Language, Chaotic Processors for Thinking, and Machines-Programmers. pp.253--259
A.D. Linkevich

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Quantum Poincaré Mapping: Systems with Smooth Potentials. pp.260--267
Tomaz Prosen

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Banning Mode Interaction in a Cup of Coffee and Other Nonlinear Oscillators. pp.268--283
J.P. van der Weele and E.J.

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Dynamical and Frequency Peculiarities of the Shannon Entropy for the Chaotic Dynamics of RR-Intervals in Human ECG. pp.284--288
R.M. Yulmetyev, D.G. Yulmetyeva, F.M. Gafarov

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On the Origin of Bigscale Longitudinal Oscillations of the Oxygen and Doped Impurity Concentration in Silicon Crystals Grown by the Czochralski Method. pp.289--292
V.V. Litvinov, A.N. Petuch, and Ju.M. Pokotilo

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Pomeron as a Color-Ball, the Complex System of Gluons or Chroms. pp.293--298
Hidezumi Terazawa

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Influence of Quantum Higgs Vacuum Fluctuations on the Chaos-Order Transition in the System of Yang-Mills Fields. pp.299--303
V.I. Kuvshinov and A.V. Kuzmin

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Unexpected Supermodels. pp.304--312
Andreas Ruffing

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On One Model of Random Walk with a Memory of Orientation. pp.313--320
George Krylov and Andrew Filimonov

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