An Interdisciplinary Journal

2002, Vol.5, No.1, pp.44-50

Local Controllability for Differential Inclusions with Delay.
L.I. Minchenko and S.I. Sirotko

In this work we prove new sufficient conditions for local controllability of systems described with discrete approximations of differential inclusions with delay

x(t+1) in Ft(x(t),x(t-k))    t=0,1,...,N-1,

where x in Rn, k is a fixed positive number, Ft are the multifunctions from Rn x Rn into Rn with closed graphs. These sufficient conditions are based on Mordukhovich and Kruger coderivatives of the multifunction Ft and allow to avoid some restrictive assumptions with respect to the structure of the system.
Key words: control system, controllability, discrete inclusion, multifunctionc

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