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Volume 5, Number 1, 2002    Open Access Issue
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Geometric Methods of Qualitative Analysis and Global Bifurcation Theory. pp.1-20
V. A. Gaiko

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Weak Singularity Dynamics in a Nonlinear Viscous Medium. pp.21-32
G. A. Omel'yanov

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Qualitative Analysis of a Resource - Based Autotroph - Herbivore Model with Delayed Nutrient Cycling pp.33-38
Kalyan Das and A.K. Sarkar

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Performance of BPSK Soft-Limited Channel in the Presence of Imperfect Carrier Reference Signal Extraction. pp.39-43
Mihajlo C. Stefanovic, Cemal Dolicanin, and Vladica B. Mitrovic

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Local Controllability for Differential Inclusions with Delay. pp.44-50
L.I. Minchenko and S.I. Sirotko

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Non-Perturbative Expansion Technique and Threshold Resummation for the Inclusive tau-decay and e+e- Annihilation into Hadrons Processes. pp.51-58
I.L. Solovtsov and O.P. Solovtsova

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Information Approach to Separation of Chaotic Signals. pp.59-70
Yu.V. Andreyev, A.S. Dmitriev, and E.V. Efremova

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Pattern Formation in Acoustic Cavitation. pp.71-77
A.A. Doinikov

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Design of Message-Carrying Chaotic Sequences. pp.78-83
A.A. Dmitriev

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The Efficiency of the Three-Layer Magneto-Optical Sandwiches for Tuning Guided Modes. pp.84-89
A. V. Lavrinenko, D. N. Shyroki, and V. V. Zhilko

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Nonlinear Dynamics in Solid State Laser with Anisotropic Saturable Absorber Delayed Feedback Systems. pp.90-94
L. A. Kotomtseva, S. G. Rusov

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The Structure of Singularities and Gauge Principle. pp.95-107

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