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2002, Vol.5, No.1, pp.51-58

Non-Perturbative Expansion Technique and Threshold Resummation for the Inclusive tau-decay and e+e- Annihilation into Hadrons Processes
I.L. Solovtsov and O.P. Solovtsova

The method of non-perturbative a-expansion, which gives a self-consistent description of both spacelike and timelike regions, is applied to describe the D-functions corresponding to the inclusive tau-decay and e+e--annihilation into hadrons data. Thresholds effects are taken into account via a new relativistic Coulomb-like resummation factor. It is shown the method proposed leads to good agreement with experimental data down to the lowest energy scale.
Key words: non-perturbative a-expansion, hadrons processes, thresholds effects, relativistic Coulomb-like resummation, tau-decay, e+e- annihilation

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