An Interdisciplinary Journal

2002, Vol.5, No.2, pp.196-203

Chaos-based Associative Retrieval and Identification of Audio Information.
A.M. Didovyk and K.V. Zakharchenko

In this work the approach to recording, storing and associative retrieval of multimedia information is proposed. For this purpose the method for recording and storing the information on the trajectories of nonlinear dynamic systems is used. Principles of recording, allowing to retrieve the desired record from the database of audio records by an arbitrary piece of the record we are looking for, are proposed. Methods for optimization of the proposed principles by the CPU time and amount of memory used are developed. Described principles are implemented in Matlab software environment. The results of investigation of the proposed algorithms are given and analyzed.
Key words: nonlinear dynamical systems, nonlinear discrete dynamics, maps construction, audio data, redundancy elimination, trajectories of dynamic systems, attractor, data storing and retrieval, numerical simulation, Internet, applications of chaos.

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