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Volume 5, Number 2, 2002    Open Access Issue
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Frames in Hilbert Spaces: A Tool for Artificial Intelligence. pp.108-128
A.D. Linkevich

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Statistical Theory of Non-Stationary Time Correlation in Complex Systems with Discrete Time. pp.129-136
Renat Yulmetyev, Peter Hänggi, and Fail Gafarov

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On the Andronov-Hopf Bifurcation. pp.137-150
V. A. Gaiko

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Scaling at the Onset of Chaos in a Network of Logistic Maps with Two Types of Global Coupling. pp.151-154
A.S. Ivanova and S.P. Kuznetsov

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Geometrical Properties of Phase Space for the Simulated Biological-Like Neural Networks. pp.155-160
Wieslaw A. Kaminski and Grzegorz M. Wojcik

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Minimal Attractor Embedding Estimation Based on Matrix Decomposition for Analysis of Dynamical Systems. pp.161-172
Alexander M. Krot and Helena B. Minervinas

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Stochastic Description of Vibrational Energy Relaxation in Fluids. pp.173-180
D. Schwarzer, D.V. Vikhrenko, and V.S. Vikhrenko

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Scaling in the Presence of the External Noise in Discrete Systems with Period-Doublings. pp.181-187
J.V. Kapustina and A.P. Kuznetsov

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New Physics Effects in Fermion-Pair Production at e+e- Colliders. pp.188-195
D. Balaschenko, E. Korshunov, and A. Pankov

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Chaos-based Associative Retrieval and Identification of Audio Information. pp.196-203
A.M. Didovyk and K.V. Zakharchenko

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Chaos Criterion in Quantum Field Theory. pp.204-211
V.I. Kuvshinov and A.V. Kuzmin

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Influence of the Dynamic Stark Effect on the Self-Induced Transparancy in Quasi - Resonant Media. pp.212-213
R.A. Vlasov and A.A. Afanas'ev

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