An Interdisciplinary Journal

2002, Vol.5, No.3, pp.296-301

About the Typical Structures and Chaos Border in the Parameter Plane of Non-Autonomous Discrete Maps with Period - Doubling. pp.296-301
A.P.Kuznetsov and A.V.Savin

The method of Lyapunov charts drawing is used for investigation of typical structures in the parameter plane of non-autonomous period-doubling maps. The new type of structures formed by super-stable regimes lines is obtained in the parameter plane of maps driven by hierarchically-organized signal. The behaviour of the chain of unidirectionally coupled logistic maps is also investigated and the qualitative difference between the behaviour of second and third maps is obtained.
Key words: non-autonomous period-doubling maps, chain of unidirectionally coupled logistic maps, hierarchically-organized signal

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