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Volume 5, Number 3, 2002    Open Access Issue
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Geometrical Properties of Phase Spaces of Hopfield Analog Neural Networks after Learning pp.214-227
M. Jaszuk, W. A. Kaminski, and A. D. Linkevich

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Formation of Fractal Structures in Langmuir-Blodgett Fe-Containing Films. pp.228-239
V.M. Anishchik, V.V. Hrushevsky, A.I. Khmelnitsky, H.V. Krylova, L.V. Kukharenko, M.A. Senyuk

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The Dependence of the Auto-Oscillation Frequency of Parametric Spin-Waves on the Pumping Power and Inter Mode Interaction Strengths. pp.240-249
I. Laulicht, E. Sloutskin, and S. R. Bishop

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Homoclinic Chaos in Two Level Quantum System. pp.250-262
H.V. Grushevskaya and E.V. Kovalchuk

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To Phenomenological Theory of Superfluidity: Superfluidity - a Viscousless Flow in Viscous Medium. pp.263-271
Yu.L. Klimontovich

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Dynamical System on a Matrix Torus. pp.272-280
V.A. Chiricalov

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Intermittency in Quark-Gluon Plasma to Hadron Transition in the Squeezed State Representation. pp.281-288
L. F. Babichev, A. A. Bukach, V. I. Kuvshinov, V. A. Shaparau

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Laser Diode Threshold in Travelling Wave Rate Equation Approach. pp.289-295
L.I.Burov, L.A.Kotomtseva, S.G.Rusov, A.G.Ryabtsev, G.I.Ryabtsev, A.S.Smal, I.N.Waraxe

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About the Typical Structures and Chaos Border in the Parameter Plane of Non-Autonomous Discrete Maps with Period - Doubling pp.296-301
A.P.Kuznetsov and A.V.Savin

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Fluctuation Analysis of Human Electroencephalogram. pp.302-307
Rudolph C. Hwa and Thomas C. Ferree

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On Some Control Problems. pp.308-313
H. A. El-Saify

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Large Deviation for Non-Linear Random Fields. pp.314-317
Remi Leandre

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