An Interdisciplinary Journal

2002, Vol.5, No.4, pp.428-444

The Seven Basic Propositions of SIRN (Synergetic Inter-Representation Networks).
Juval Portugali

Synergetic inter-representation network) is an approach to cognition proposing that many cognitive processes, cognitive mapping included, are the product of a synergistic self-organizing network composed of interacting internal and external representations [1,2]. The notion of SIRN was originally introduced in a rather preliminary manner. Since then the notion was developed and applied to several theoretical and empirical domains including decision-making, planning discourse, information theory and exploratory behavior. The aim of this paper is to provide a more comprehensive introduction of SIRN, this time, however, in light of a richer theoretical and empirical background.
Key words: synergetics, inter-representation, self-organization, cognitive mapping, cities

[1]. Portugali J. Inter-representation networks and cognitive maps. Pp. 11-43. In: The construction of cognitive maps. Edited by J. Portugali. (Kluwer academic publishers, Dordrecht, 1996b).
[2]. Haken H., and J. Portugali. Synergetics, Inter-representation networks and cognitive maps. Pp. 45-67. In: The construction of cognitive maps}. Edited by J. Portugali. (Kluwer academic publishers, Dordrecht, 1996).

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