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Volume 5, Number 4, 2002    Open Access Issue
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This special issue is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the brilliant scientist Professor Hermann Haken



On the Dynamics of Competition in a simple Artificial Chemistry. pp.318-324
Wolfgang Banzhaf

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Canonical Dissipative Systems and Applications to Active Brownian Motion. pp.325-331
W. Ebeling

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On a Mean Field Haken-Kelso-Bunz Model and a Free Energy Approach to Relaxation Processes. pp.332-341
T.D. Frank

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Lagrangian Particle Statistics in Turbulence. pp.342-348
R. Friedrich and A. Baule

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Off-diagonal Long Range Order in Time. pp.349-355
Robert Graham

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Heterogeneous Connectivity Patterns Alter the Timing Variability in Spatially Distributed Dynamic Systems pp.356-363
Viktor K. Jirsa

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The Complementary Nature of Coordination Dynamics: Self-organization and Agency pp.364-371
J.A. Scott Kelso

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The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Quantum Fluctuation Dissipation Relations. pp.372-379
Yu.L. Klimontovich

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Coexistence of Coherence and Incoherence in Nonlocally Coupled Phase Oscillators. pp.380-385
Y. Kuramoto and D. Battogtokh

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Sport and Culture - On the Sense and Value Scenario of Human Movement: Implications of Haken's Theory of Gestalt-Building Processes. pp.386-392
K.-H. Leist

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Periodic Orbit Quantization of the Closed Three-disk Billiard as an Example of a Chaotic System with Strong Pruning. pp.393-406
Kirsten Weibert, Jörg Main, and Günter Wunner

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Oscillatory Phenomena and Stability of Periodic Solutions in a Simple Neural Network with Delay pp.407-417
J. Wei, M. G. Velarde, and V. A. Makarov

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Stochastic Iterative Maps with Multiple Time-Scales for Modelling Human Motor Behavior. pp.418-427
G. Mayer-Kress and K.M. Newell

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The Seven Basic Propositions of SIRN (Synergetic Inter-Representation Networks) pp.428-444
Juval Portugali

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Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields: Some New Analytic Results. pp.445-456
Marko Robnik and Valery G. Romanovski

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Scaling of Parametric Oscillator Fields. pp.457-461
M. Schulz, P. Reineker

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Cardiorespiratory Interactions. pp.462-469
Aneta Stefanovska

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Synergetics of the Nervous System: from Basic Principles to Therapy. pp.470-478
Peter A. Tass

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Sociodynamics - A Systematic Approach to Mathematical Modelling in the Social Sciences. pp.479-487
Wolfgang Weidlich

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