An Interdisciplinary Journal

2003, Vol.6, No.1, pp.541-546

Correlation of entropy with optimal pinning density for the control of spatiotemporal chaos
Alex Greilich and Mario Markus

We consider three systems that are spatially one-dimensional and are discretized in space and time: i) cellular automata proposed by Wolfram; ii) a system that has been used as a prototype for coupled map lattices; and iii) a coupled map lattice that provides a simple description of earthquakes. Chaotic modes of these systems can be made periodic by external forcing at points equidistant in space ("pinnings"). The minimum distance between these points - corresponding to the optimal pinning density - is correlated to the spatial measure entropy S via a single-valued relationship. In other words, determination of S straightforwardly yields optimal spacings for a forcing that turns unpredictable into predictable behaviour.
Key words: spatiotemporal chaos, turbulence, chaos control, cellular automata, coupled map latticesr

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