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Volume 6, Number 1, 2003    Open Access Issue
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Basic Principles of Direct Chaotic Communications. pp.488-501
A.S.Dmitriev, M.Hasler, A.I.Panas, K.V.Zakharchenko

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Bend - Stretch Coupling and Nonlinear Vibrational Dynamics of a Carbon Dioxide Molecule. pp.502-514
A.V.Kondratenko, J.Schroeder, and V.S.Vikhrenko

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Stochastic Process Model of Mortality and Aging: Application to Longitudinal Data. pp.515-523
I.Akushevich, L.Akushevich, K.Manton, A.Yashin

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Nonlinear Identification of Complex Geomagnetic Models: An Innovative Approach. pp.524-533
G. Currenti, C. Del Negro, L. Fortuna, A. Vicari

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Medical Diagnosing, Analysis of Sounds, and Methods of Text Classification. pp.534-540
A.D. Linkevich

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Correlation of entropy with optimal pinning density for the control of spatiotemporal chaos. pp.541-546
Alex Greilich and Mario Markus

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Numerical Modelling the Parametric Conversion of Cylindrical Wave Beams pp.547-555
B. B. Sevruk

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Using of Phenomelogical Piecewise Continuous Maps for Simulation of Neurons Behavior. pp.556-562
K.V. Andreev and L.V. Krasichkov

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Coexistence of Dynamic Regimes in Laser with a Saturable Absorber. pp.563-567
L. A. Kotomtseva and S.G. Rusov

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Nonlinear Overstretching of DNA Molecule as the Stability Breaking. pp.568-571

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Dynamics of Macromolecules in the Bath of Harmonic Oscillators. pp.572-576
A.P. Blokhin, M.F. Gelin, and A.V. Uvarov

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Abelian Integrals and Limit Cycles in Polynomial Dynamical Systems pp.577-581
Valery A. Gaiko

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On Solutions of Certain Classes of Evolution Equations for Surface Morphologies. pp.582-591
R.H.W. Hoppe, W.G. Litvinov, and S.J. Linz

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