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2003, Vol.6, No.1, pp.547-546

Numerical Modelling the Parametric Conversion of Cylindrical Wave Beams

The method for a numerical simulation of the parametric conversion of diffracting cylindrical wave beams in a nonlinear medium is developed. Peculiarities of the formation of a spatial structure of interacted wave fields are investigated in the case of azimuthal angular phase matching. The near-field radial intensity profiles of the light beams and their far-field angular spectra are calculated in various stages of energy exchange in the process of noise seeded parametric generation in the KTP crystal. It is shown that the self-channelling wave structures of the soliton-type with the angular divergence of a signal component at the diffraction-limited level are formed in the field of Bessel pumping beams. The comparison of conversion efficiencies for Gaussian and Bessel pumping light beams is carried out.
Key words: numerical modelling, parametric conversion and quadratic nonlinear media, wave beams formation and diffraction, Gaussian and Bessel light beams, spatial solitons

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