An Interdisciplinary Journal

2003, Vol.6, No.3, pp.762-771

Multiwave Mixing in Complex Molecular Media and Dynamics Modes of Light-Wave Transformations
O.Ormachea, M. A. Kitsak, A.L.Tolstik

The mechanism of multiwave mixing realized in solutions of complex organic compounds (dyes), in conditions when higher-order nonlinearities are exhibited along with the cubic one, has been analyzed theoretically and tested experimentally. Nonlinear recording of dynamic holograms enables significant improvement of the potentialities of holographic methods used for image conversion due to switching from phase conjugation to smoothing and amplification of the wavefront spatial structure. It has been demonstrated that a nonstationary energy exchange between the interacting waves is the cause for transition from the optical bistability mode to the mode of intensity self-oscillations.
Key words: dynamic holograms, multiwave mixing, resonant media, higher-order nonlinearities

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