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Volume 6, Number 3, 2003    Open Access Issue
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On the Boundedness of Free Energy Functionals. pp.696-704
T.D. Frank

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Matrix Impulsive System of Differential Equations and Its Application to the Theory of Polyphase Transmission Lines.  pp.705-716
V.A. Chiricalov

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State Variable Methods for Demographic Analysis: A Mathematical Theory of Physiological Regeneration and Aging. pp.717-727
K.Manton and I.Akushevich

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On One Exactly-Solvable Model of Rotational Diffusion. pp.728-733

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Global Bifurcation Families of Multiple Limit Cycles in Polynomial Dynamical Systems. pp.734-745
V. A. Gaiko

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Nonlinear Modeling of Fuel Cell Systems for Vehicles. pp.746-751
R.Caponetto, L.Fortuna, A.Rizzo

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Decomposition Algorithm for Lot-Sizing Problems of Optimization. pp.752-756
L. I. Minchenko, V. N. Kulaga, A. N. Tarakanov

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On Description of Interaction for Rigid Biaxial Molecules in Terms of Berne-Pechukas and Gay-Berne potentials.   pp.757-761

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Multiwave Mixing in Complex Molecular Media and Dynamics Modes of Light-Wave Transformations. pp.762-771
O.Ormachea, M. A. Kitsak, A.L.Tolstik

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Graviton in a Curved Space-Time Background and Gauge Symmetry. pp.772-778
Red'kov V.M., Tokarevskaya N.G., Kisel V.V.

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A New Characterisation of Chaotic Dynamics: The Parameter. pp.779-786
Aldo Bonasera , Maide Bucolo, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca, Alessandro Rizzo

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Transport Properties of a Chaotic Mesoscopic Devices. pp.787-790
A.H.Aly and A.H.Phillips

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Non-Stationary Time Correlation in Discrete Complex Systems: Application in Cardiology and Seismology. pp.791-799
Renat Yulmetyev, Peter Hänggi, and Fail Gafarov, D.G.Yulmetyeva

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