An Interdisciplinary Journal

2004, Vol.7, No.2, pp.168-176

Periodical and Labyrinthine Optical Patterns in the Problem on Two-Wave Mixing in Ring Cavity.
O.G. Romanov

The scheme of coherent interaction between two counterpropagating waves in a ring cavity with Kerr-like nonlinearity has been considered. The peculiarities of light beams spatial structure formation are analyzed concerning diffraction mechanism of transverse interaction. Within the frame of the mean-field theory for nonlinear interferometers, the systems of coupled-modes equations (1D and 2D) have been analyzed analytically and modelled numerically. The origination of asymmetrical spatially periodical and labyrinthine optical patterns as locked states of domain walls is discussed. The role of interplay between self- and cross-modulation instabilities in formation of two-dimensional nonreciprocal structures is disclosed.
Key words: nonlinear interferometer, symmetry breaking instability, optical pattern formation

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