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Volume 7, Number 2, 2004    Open Access Issue
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Geometry of 3-Spaces with Spinor Structure. pp.106-128
V.M. Red'kov

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Deformation of Density Matrix at The Early Universe and Bekenstein-Hawking Formula.  pp.129-139
A.E. Shalyt-Margolin and J.G. Suarez

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Scaling Properties and Spectral Self-Similarity in Generalized Quarter-Wave Fractal Multilayers. pp.140-149
S.V. Zhukovsky, A.V. Lavrinenko, and S.V. Gaponenko.

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High Order QED Effects on Anomalous Quartic Boson Vertices in -Colliders. pp.150-158
I.B. Marfin, V.A. Mossolov, and T.V. Shishkina

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Nonlinear Modelling of Monetary Policy of Belarus. pp.159-167
Yury G. Imamutdzinau and Valery Ya. Asanovich

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Periodical and Labyrinthine Optical Patterns in the Problem on Two-Wave Mixing in Ring Cavity. pp.168-176
O.G. Romanov

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Randomness, Robustness and Statistical Effects of Non-Markovity in Stochastic Processes of Academic Student Activity. pp.177-185
R. M. Yulmetyev, S. A. Demin , N. A. Emelyanova, V. G. Minkina, F. M. Gafarov

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Simulation of Silicon Diffusion in GaAs.   pp.186-191
A.M. Saad, A.K. Fedotov, O.I. Velichko, V.I. Pachynin, and A.V. Davydko

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Comparative Study of Contact Interaction Searches in e+e- and e-e- Scattering at a Polarized Linear Collider. pp.192-198
A.A. Pankov

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Change in Dynamics of Electrocorticograms Influenced by Microwaves. pp.199-205
A.V. Sidorenko

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Dynamic of the First-Order Phase Transitions in Quasi-One-Dimensional Current-Carrying Superconductors. pp.206-209
L.F. Babichev

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