An Interdisciplinary Journal

2004, Vol.7, No.2, pp.177-185

Randomness, Robustness and Statistical Effects of Non-Markovity in Stochastic Processes of Academic Student Activity
R. M. Yulmetyev, S. A. Demin , N. A. Emelyanova, V. G. Minkina, F. M. Gafarov

In majority of networks the dynamics of real processes has a random character. The complexity of similar systems is quite obvious. In this work we present the results of the study of real academic process in real networks from the point of view of complexity, discreteness, non-stationarity and non-Markovity of their dynamic evolution. Such a method of study describes the chaotic dynamics of complex systems of various nature. We have carried out the analysis of statistical memory effects and non-Markovity in the behaviour of real networks connected with academic student activity. The studies are performed with the help of the comparative analysis of the time data of the chaotic dynamics of students' class attendance. The power spectra of the initial time correlation function and memory functions of junior orders, phase portraits of the four first dynamic variables, the three first points of the statistical non-Markov parameter are used for quantitative description of regular and stochastic components of the chaotic dynamics of academic student activity with account discreteness of time and effects of statistical memory. Such standard set of qualitative and quantitative parameters of our theory allows to reveal quantitative measure of randomness of real process of academic student activity and its influence on the quality of their academic standing.
Key words: random processes, academic student activity, students' class attendance, discretness, non-Markovity

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