An Interdisciplinary Journal

2004, Vol.7, No.2, pp.199-205

Change in Dynamics of Electrocorticograms Influenced by Microwaves
A.V. Sidorenko

Experimental results of bioelectric brain activity influenced by microwaves are demonstrated. The approach developed that enables one to estimate from the electrocorticogram the action of microwaves as one of the external destabilizing factors in the form of information parameter such as the correlation dimension. An optimal mode of microwave irradiation when the response reaction is at maximum and indicated by the physical parameters of electrocorticogram has been determined for the experimental animals. Synchronization regime resulted out from microwave action on the bioelectric brain activity has been revealed. The regime was confirmed by the quantitative parameters. It was determined that the value of the correlation dimension may be related to the functional state of central nervous system after microwave irradiation.
Key words: central nervous system, bioelectric activity, microwaves, fractal dimension, deterministic chaos

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